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Solloa is the product of the association of professional Public Accountants who together have strengthened our organization thanks to the work and commitment of each one of them. Currently, our directory is integrated as follows:

Manager Partners.

C.P.C. Luis Javier Solloa
C.P.C. Alfredo Solloa García.
C.P.C. Luis Gabriel Sienra

Divisional Partners.

C.P.C. Mariano Martínez
C.P.C. Víctor Gutiérrez
C.P.C. Jesús Morales Molina.
C.P. Arturo Álvarez Crespo.
C.P. Laura Casal Morell.
C.P. Luis García Zepeda.

Our commitment

The personalized service and direct attention of our partners to our existing and potential new clients, is what makes us different from other firms and gives us our competitive advantage. The experience accumulated over more than 60 years of service, together with the commitment and attitude of our staff, is reflected in the quality of our services. Be a witness of our commitment to provide you with the best service and expertise by allowing us to work with you.


Administrative services

There is a huge variety of other aspects regarding a good organizations’ management. we are always prepared to provide the necessary support to our clients in order to improve their structure.

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Tax advice and Consultancy

The high level of specialization in the field by our staff in this area allows us to offer structure in the operation of your business.

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External Audit

The main objective of this area is to offer examination services regarding financial statements and the issuing of the opinion about its reasonability, as well as the examination of the entities’ internal control.

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Bookkeeping, Tax Compliance, Payroll services and Other

We support the management of our clients' companies by putting them to their orders in their construction and operation.

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